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Siegfried Puchbauer siegfried.puchbauer at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 23:43:31 CET 2005

Ich hätt auch gmeint SFTP ... das is so a ftp emulation über ssh ...
--> filezilla --> neue seite

   - host: puchbauer.com <http://puchbauer.com>
   - port: 9317
   - protkoll SFTP
   - user: root
   - port: ********** (kennst eh)

für die db gibts phpmyadmin ... die datenbank temp1 ... da sollt alles drin
da musst du dir einen host eintrag anlegen
(c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) <>
dann http://mysql.puchbauer.com/
user: root
passwort: mYdbPas$
da kannst du dir dann ein backup von der db ziehen

ich bin draufkommen, dass des zeug echt groß is (2 mb gezippt) weil die
htmlarea drin is ... also zieh da halt nur das zeug das du brauchst und der
db dump den i hab is von allem was auf puchbauer.com
<http://puchbauer.com>damals war ... naja i hoff du wirst des so
hinbekommen ;)

lg, sigi

2005/11/22, helen bagget <helenbagget at gmail.com>:
> Hello
> I´m creatingg new objects in opencms and i would like to know three
> things:
> * VAlidation Rules, where can i find the sintax for them? That is
> how can i express something like a euro, with just two decimals(or 1
> or 0) and whatever number of numbers before the dot? Is valid 88888.99
> and 999.90 and 9999 but it´s not valid aaa.99 or 8888.999 ...?
> *How can i restrict the creating of new content to a part of the
> tree? That is i would like that somethings object only can be created
> under /news?
> *How can i personalized the windows for creating new types of
> folders? I mean i love the form of the actual menu for creating
> folders, but i would like to create a new type of folder called
> "AnswerFolder" this type of folder will have some parameters that the
> user must choose between some parameters("Urgent", "Especial")(that is
> , a select), how can i do that? Something similar a xsd.
> Best regards,
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Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Siegfried Puchbauer
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