[opencms-dev] Doubts: RUles

helen bagget helenbagget at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 20:48:04 CET 2005

 I´m creatingg new objects in opencms and i would like to know three things:
    * VAlidation Rules, where can i find the sintax for them? That is
how can i express something like a euro, with just two decimals(or 1
or 0) and whatever number of numbers before the dot? Is valid 88888.99
and 999.90 and 9999 but it´s not valid aaa.99 or 8888.999 ...?
  *How can i restrict the creating of new content to a part of the
tree? That is i would like that somethings object only can be created
under /news?
 *How can i personalized the windows for creating new types of
folders? I mean i love the form of the actual menu for creating
folders, but i would like to create a new  type of folder called
"AnswerFolder" this type of folder will have some parameters that the
user must choose between some parameters("Urgent", "Especial")(that is
, a select), how can i do that? Something similar a xsd.

Best regards,

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