[opencms-dev] FW: OCMS5- Create folder and html page from JSP

Jozef Chocholáček jozef.chocholacek at qbizm.cz
Tue Nov 22 13:53:33 CET 2005

James wrote:
> Well.. I know what I’m doing but don’t know why the doing isn’t doing 
> what it should!
> How do I create a folder and an html page inside that folder from within 
> a JSP page on my website???
>  ...
> cms.createResource("/opencms/opencms/cida/creativeweb/newminisite/","newpage.html", 
> "plain", null, content.getBytes());
> cms.unlockResource("/opencms/opencms/cida/creativeweb/newminisite/newpage.html"); 
> cms.publishResource("/opencms/opencms/cida/creativeweb/newminisite/newpage.html"); 
>  ...
> Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Remove "/opencms/opencms" from the path - these methods work on VFS, 
not on URL, so you must use the path on VFS.


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