[opencms-dev] Re: Declare http status (404/301/...) in JSP

Martin van den Bemt mvdb at ibl-software.nl
Tue Nov 22 12:22:39 CET 2005

Thorsten Duhn wrote:
> Hello,
>> It seems to me it's got the do with this entry in the web.xml :
>>     <error-page>
>>         <error-code>404</error-code>
>>         <location>/opencms/handle404</location>
>>     </error-page>
>> If the handle404 cannot find a resource it probably is just not
>> sending a 404 to the browser, just a page saying that the resource
>> is not found (afaik)..
>> So in my view, the 404handler in opencms needs fixing.
> are you sure this is the same problem? I would think, this is
> for the handling of "real" 404s, means that a requested file
> is not available in VFS. Isn't that fixed already?

I am not on the latest and greatest I must admit :) And now you mention 
it I am not sure it is the same problem :)

> What I'm talking about is to explicitly set a http response in
> a jsp page (f.e. based on request parameters, an id of my own
> database content, where no content is returned for this id).
> I can set a 404 in response object, but it is never sent to
> browser, it obviously is replaced by OpenCms with a 200 status
> again.

Couple of things (maybe obvious, but you never know) :
- after a response.sendError(404) you should directly stop processing 
the jsp, so add a return after the sendError
- It could be that the response object is wrapped by opencms (if I am 
not mistaken it is). Try to get the original response and invoke a 
sendError on that object directly (if opencms actually override sendError)

Hope this helps :)


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