[opencms-dev] generating the external links

Hossfeld, Felix Felix.Hossfeld at bonprix.net
Tue Nov 22 11:15:19 CET 2005

You don't need to use CmsLink. CmsLink is used for internal links because the url to an internal ressource is depending on the project you are in, whether you are using the export functions etc. If you are refereing to an external the location is static. Therefore simply put it on the page as a String.
Felix Hoßfeld

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I need to generate the external links through my java/jsp program. Anybody is having an example to do so? 
In CmsLink constructor, can you tell me the valid values for type?
public CmsLink(java.lang.String name,
               java.lang.String type,
               java.lang.String uri,
               boolean internal)
if you pass "false" for internal, will it create the external link in system/galleries/externallinks?
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