[opencms-dev] Publishing siblings and access rights

Rainer Vehns vehns at codecentric.de
Tue Nov 22 09:15:30 CET 2005



we are working with siblings, which span multiple sites within OpenCms.
There are different users with different rights for each site, but they want
to share content. There are users, who can access both sides to create the
siblings, but there are also users who only access one site and who can
publish only this site. If one of these users edit the content of the
siblings and publish it, the dialog asks if they want to publish all
siblings. If the user accepts this then all siblings are published even if
the user does not have the rights to publish siblings in another site.


So my questions:

-          Is it possible to disable the "Publish all siblings"-option in
the dialog ?

-          Is it possible to change the access rights in that way, that not
any user can publish all siblings ?


Thank you,



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