[opencms-dev] Declare http status (404/301/...) in JSP

Thorsten Duhn duhn at regio.uni-oldenburg.de
Mon Nov 21 15:01:38 CET 2005


I'm affected by a problem as well, which seems to be reported here
several times, but where I have not found any reply on. E.g.:

"Re: Setting response status from JSP page" (2005-08-18 08:45)
"How do I send a 301 redirect in OpenCms???" (2005-11-11 19:57)
"Re: 404 not returning 404" (2005-11-15 13:05)

The problem is, that I cannot set the response code in JSP, it
will always turn to 200 again after it is wrapped by .html and
template. Even when 6.0.2 (hopefully) solves the status code
problem for requests that cannot be found in VFS, it's still not
possible to do a redirect or my own 'not found' page (f.e.
depending on request parameter of a page).

What's the state of this problem, will it get fixed with next
versions of OpenCms, is it reported in Bugzilla (I cannot find)?
Have I missed something?


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