[opencms-dev] Question/Problem related to the Administration Menu Locales

Sebastian Himberger sebastian.himberger at gmx.de
Mon Nov 21 12:17:07 CET 2005


i used the source and found the following class: 
"org.opencms.workplace.CmsWorkplaceMessages" The javadoc explained a lot 
to me of how the locales of the workplace are managed. Indeed there is a 
strict naming convention and for every i18n-file wich should be loaded 
there must be a module (see 

I hope this helps others facing this problem.

best regards

Sebastian Himberger wrote:

> Hi Devs,
> i've packaged a new admin tool into a module with a different name 
> than the package of the dialog classes. E.g. Module name 
> "com.foo.opencms.commons" and package name 
> "com.foo.opencms.tools.manager". The i18n-property files reside in 
> "/system/modules/com.foo.opencms.commons/classes/com/foo/opencms/tools/manager". 
> In the Administration-Menu (left frame) and the start page of the 
> Administration view the navigation text was not properly translated 
> from the property value. Instead of "Manager" it showed the locale key 
> e.g. GUI_MANAGER_ADMIN_TOOL_NAME_0. Once i clicked on the tool the 
> breadcrumb displayed the correct value ("Manager"). Now i created a 
> module "com.foo.opencms.tools.manager" (package name) without any 
> content and the menu and start page showed the correct value.
> Is this correct behaviour? How is the module name related to the 
> Administration-Menu? why must there be a dedicated module for every 
> tool (at least it seems to me, that this is the case) ?
> Any hints would be greatly appreciated
> best regards
> Sebastian
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