[opencms-dev] request.getParameter in JSP

Shi Yusen shiys at langhua.cn
Sun Nov 20 13:31:54 CET 2005

Hi Gunther,

I guess you are using templateone and the results.jsp is a jsp included in
another jsp. Right? If so, the request parameters will be restored to a map
in the first jsp inherited from CmsTemplateBean. Try

Good Luck,

Shi Yusen/Beijing Langhua Ltd.

发件人: DI Gunther Schmidl [mailto:schmidl at webdynamite.com] 
发送时间: 2005年11月17日 19:22
收件人: 'The OpenCms mailing list'
主题: [opencms-dev] request.getParameter in JSP


I think I've narrowed down my search problem: in the exported results.jsp,
request.getParameter() returns NULL for every single parameter passed in by
GET or POST, even though a) the parameters are clearly visible in the query
string and b) request.getQueryString returns the actual string!

The page is set to export=false, so the cache shouldn't be the problem...
but what am I doing wrong?

Please help, I'm getting desperate here.


-- Gunther

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