[opencms-dev] creating new user, exception at first login

Marcus Popetz marcus at roundpeg.com
Thu Nov 17 21:21:43 CET 2005

I need some help tracking this down so I can submit a meaningful bug:

When I create a new user, the first time I log in as them I get the 
following exception:

org.opencms.main.CmsRuntimeException: Error reading resource from path "/".
         at org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase.service(HttpJspBase.java:97)

If I ignore it, and click on the preferences button, and then click "ok" 
(without changing anything) it then works fine.

I assume this means defaults are not set up quite correctly for the user, 
but they are loaded correctly into the UI which is why a save with no 
changes fix the problem?

Any ideas what info I need to gather (from VFS?  from xml?) to submit this 
as a bug?


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