[opencms-dev] frozen properties again

fengbo xie fengbo.xie at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 08:15:47 CET 2005

I meet the same problem too.
I found there's a way to avoid it:
You first using "Properties" context menu to change the property "Title".
And while editing the content, change the "Title" element's value to the
same string as you set to the property . Then save it, there won't be any
You can not set the "Title" element different to property "Title".
I know nothing about the map mechanism detail, but It seems you should type
the "Title" twice with the same value, first in properties editor, then
content editor. Did they really map?
 2005/11/9, Christof Dallermassl <ce-christof.dallermassl at bearingpoint.com>:
> Hi!
> I have a content type with an xsd file. The title property is mapped to
> the
> title element in the xsd file. I create a new resource of that type and
> set
> the title value. The content is then saved (save button in editor).
> When I edit the content again and change the title value, I get the
> following
> exception on saving:
> ==========
> Error writing properties of resource "/LIWEST/test".
> Reason: The property "[org.opencms.file.CmsProperty: name: 'Title', value:
> 'titanic2', structure value: 'titanic2', resource value: 'null', frozen:
> true]" has been frozen and cannot be changed any more.
> ==========
> I thought the frozen thing was a bug in 6.0.2 so I updated to the latest
> cvs
> version (2005-11-09), did a "ant tomcat.all" and installed the latest jar
> file.
> No change in the behavior! Still the frozen error! Is there a workaround
> or
> something? We need the value in the property, so the mapping is essential!
> This is a real stopper at the moment, as we need to deliver our opencms
> project, but we can't.
> please have a look at this soon!
> regards
> Christof
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