[opencms-dev] search engines and static vs. dynamic contents

Doychi doychi-lists at doychi-dina.ath.cx
Wed Nov 16 23:28:07 CET 2005

On 9:05:24 2005-11-17 "Alexander Kandzior" <alex at opencms.org> wrote:
> Internally, OpenCms does a quite complete calculation of the possible
> date last modified of a requested resource, based on all included
> elements in the request. If one element used in the JSP changes, the
> date last modified for the complete page is adjusted. This also works
> in tandem with the Flex cache. For example if there is one element
> included that has cache set to "never", this will cause the
> date-last-modified to be set to the current date, since no caching of
> the element and hence no caching of the page that uses this element
> is possible / wanted.

Is all this to say that OpenCMS calcualtes and sets the Last Modified for
you, based on the last modified dates and caching instructions set in

spdoychiam at doychi-dina.ath.cx

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