[opencms-dev] cmstag:contentloop scriptlet equivalent

Jorge González informatico at hotelparadisepark.com
Wed Nov 16 18:48:16 CET 2005

Hi again, list:

I'm trying to iterate the elements of an xml content via scriptlet code,
because the <cmstag:contentloop element="xxx"> is not sensible to my i18n
system (session stored user preferences)

I've changed all my <cmstag:contentshow> for <%=cmsbean.getContent(resource,
element, locale)%>

How can i access the yyy elements from

<cmstag:contentloop element="xxx">
  <cmstag:contentshow element="yyy"/>

IN scriptlet code ?


PD: I know the cms:contentshow is being updated in cvs, but i'm using 6.0.0
and i prefer to depend on stable code.

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