[opencms-dev] Re: why is the directory tree greyed?

Thomas März thomas.maerz at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 22:24:41 CET 2005

"Christoph P. Kukulies" <kuku at physik.rwth-aachen.de> writes:

> 1) Why are the directory tree elements greyed out?  E.g., when I'm in
>    explorer mode on a newly created project.
>    It indicates me that they are in a state which is not appropriate
>    in the current mode and that I might be doing something wrong when
>    making changes in this "greyed" mode. Normally, greyed objects
>    are expressing some mode (like inactive or inaccessible).
>    Is this done my the makers of OpenCMS intentionally?
>    (I found out by experimenting, that "copying into project
>    changes the 'grey state' to solid black. On the other hand
>    I thought that the import had already done this. Why do I have to explicitly
>    "copy to project"?). Questions over questions.

Each project makes its subfolders and -files accessible.
Since the "Offline" project contains the folder "/" *all*
files and folders are *not* greyed out.

You can assign each project to projectmanagers and
projectusers allowing them to choose the project.

So a group Gen may have full access to project Pen with these folders:

And a group Gde may have full access to project Pde with these folders:

> 2) What is /sites/defaults in contrary to / for example?

If you change from "/sites/default" to "/" all resources
*not* under "/system/" are now accessed differently.

/sites/default -> http://localhost/cms/cms/home/en/
/              -> http://localhost/cms/cms/sites/default/home/en/

/sites/default -> http://localhost/cms/cms/system/modules/a/
/              -> http://localhost/cms/cms/system/modules/a/

The intention is to seperate different domains in the
same OpenCms installation. You can define sites in a
WEB-INF/config/*xml file and make them available through
different port-mappings in your servlet container.

I couldn't figure out the difference to OpenCms 5 out, yet,
but to save a subfolder. OpenCms 5 already had the ability
to host many domains and only make some folders available
for some users. Since there aren't different user
databases, modules and groups for each site I didn't get the
real value, yet. Maybe someone can tell me what I overlooked.

>    I created a new project in Administrator-mode and then used the
>    database-import wizard to import a zip file.
>    After that I had that greyed state under 1).

Import your files to the "Offline" project and all files are
available for publish, etc.

I guess your imported files are *not* beneath a project folder?

> 3) In the migration (5->6) docs  it is advised to export / of a project
>    including the /system tree.
>    Just curious: I hope that OpenCMS 6.0 knows that these are from
>    5.0 and does not overwrite anything.

Check the box but *only* select your modules folder for
export. Do *only* export "/system/modules/" or your
"/system/galleries/" but not your OpenCms workplace files.

Maybe you could even ex- and import your OpenCms workplace
files, because I don't know if they'd actually would replace
anything in your OpenCms 6 installation.

> 4) What do multiple imports with the same or overlapping .zip files
>    do ? (e.g. when parts of the tree are imported multiply and overlapping)
>    Do they overwrite themselves? Or are there stil multiple instances in the
>    database?

I hope they will overwrite existing files. And they will.
But if you had published your first import (the firstly
imported files aren't blue anymore), your second import
will still overwrite your files, but the data of your first
import isn't lost, but available via history.

> Sigh. Although I'm beginning to develop a love-hate to OpenCMS, I must say,
> the user interface is really everything but intuitive.

Finding out how to set permissions was the worst for me.


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