[opencms-dev] search engines and static vs. dynamic contents

Arash Kaffamanesh arash.kaffamanesh at pomegranate.de
Tue Nov 15 15:58:22 CET 2005

Hi Bernd,

Exactly, but to force search engines like google to find newly created
pages every site shall have a sitemap or a clear navigation, which helps
for instance google to find the newly created pages faster.



Kind Regards,

P.S. I'll try to catch you today later :-)

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On Tuesday, 15. November 2005 14:13, Christoph P. Kukulies wrote:
> > How should the search engine get to know that the content is 
> > generated dynamically ?? It just makes requests to html pages and 
> > follows links on these pages. I don't
> I'm not quite sure of how robots search. In the first place they 
> follow a links in pages. But don't they also descend recursively in 
> the filesystem (when being allowed to do so)? Or am I totally off here

> :)?

Well, any experts here? :)

I don't think that a robot can do more than make http requests etc..
else would be a security case) And that is really something different
accessing the servers file system.

You have a problem with such dynamically generated sites, where you have
"controller" JSP (always the same Url) an thousands of get Parameter to 
determine which content to show.
But thats not the case with OpenCms. The Urls look exactly like static
Urls. No difference.

> > think that search engines have the capability to test if a file is 
> > resident in the filesystem or not. You can't do this with a normal 
> > Browser too.
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