[opencms-dev] Problem for create module Help...

Deiverson Jorge deiverson at oriens.com.br
Mon Nov 14 11:57:01 CET 2005

Im very problem for create module with translate Help for other language...
The name of the package, according to documentation, must be
"org.opencms.help.xx", but this contradicting the internal example, that
is as "org.opencms.workplace.help.en" and "org.opencms.workplace.help.de",
verified the attributes of these packages only discovered that it must be
created two resources, "/system/workplace/locales/xx/help/" and
(in the documentation this saying to create 1 unique module, "Modulates
resources: and added to one exportpoint for uri
"/system/modules/org.opencms.workplace.help.xx/classes/" with destination
for external folder "WEB-INF/classes/", must be created a dependencies for
"org.opencms.workplace.help", none find information this in the

I compared Dependencias the org.opencms.workplace.help.en and
org.opencms.workplace.help.de and I have some differences between the

I need help!


PS: Sorry my poor english

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