[opencms-dev] Locale Problem !

Claus Priisholm cpr at codedroids.com
Mon Nov 14 09:24:25 CET 2005

Thomas Feldhaus wrote:
> Hi,
> For a new project, we use the 6.0.2 Version and now we have temporary 
> “locale” problems.
> We have a “/de/” and “en” Folder in which “en” Folder Files are 100% 
> siblings from the “de” Version.
> For both directory we set the locale in directory properties.
> After some hours, OpenCms deliver English content out of the German 
> directory, when I purge the JSP Repository, it works for a couple of hors.
> Any help out there :-)?

Maybe a related issue, I noticed yesterday that there seemingly is some 
session residue (for lack of a better term) that influence certain 
aspects. This is on 6.0.2 (though looking back I might have experienced 
something similar in 6.0.0 as well)

I logged on to a fairly new installation using the default english 
workplace setting. Workplace showed the online help button. Then I 
switched to the danish translation of the workplace and the help button 
was still visible (even after log out and then log in again). It would 
show english online help, but that is fine since I assumed it would 
default to the english one since there currently is no danish online help.
But after a nights rest (logged out) and then loggin in again the help 
button had dissappeared. Swicthing back to english did not help until 
the application was restarted. Seems that information about the old 
locale somehow lingers after a switch of locale and only gets 
invalidated when the app is restarted or certain period of time (session 
timeout?) goes by.
Now this has to do with the workplace, but maybe a similar issue affects 
your site due to the way caching works?

The other incident that I think may be related had to do with a switch 
of user group. Upgrading a project manager user to administrator ditto 
did not have the desired effect on the WYSIWYG editor (enabling the font 
size popup) - even after log out/log in. Since this issue was better 
dealt with by enabling the permission in the appropriate setup for the 
editor I did not encounter a repetition of the problem, but it sounds 
like a familiar issue since it would only cause a problem when changing 
settings on an already active user (session). This was on 6.0.0

> Thomas
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