[opencms-dev] Issue with building from CVS head

Edward Zarecor edward_zarecor at harvard.edu
Thu Nov 10 19:03:08 CET 2005

I've built opencms from the CVS head as I've seen on the list that there 
may be a fix there to address the frozen properties issue.

However, I'm having an issue:

When I try to view the history of a file I get the following Exception:


cannot resolve symbol
symbol : variable PARAM_VERSIONID
location: class org.opencms.workplace.commons.CmsHistory
out.print(String.valueOf( wp.PARAM_VERSIONID )); //[ 
/WEB-INF/jsp/offline/system/workplace/commons/history.jsp; Line: 42]

In that JSP I see:


.... snip .....

 document.main.<%= wp.PARAM_VERSIONID %>.value // wp is of type CmsHistory

In org.opencms.workplace.commons.CmsHistory.java I see:

public class CmsHistory extends CmsDialog {

    /** Value for the action: restore the version. */
    public static final int ACTION_RESTORE_VERSION = 100;

    /** The dialog type. */
    public static final String DIALOG_TYPE = "history";

    /** Request parameter value for the action: restore the version. */
    public static final String DIALOG_RESTORE = "restore";

    /** The value of the version ID parameter. */
    private String m_paramVersionid;

................. snip ...........

There is no such static variable and there doesn't seem to be in the 
extended classes either.  Restoring to the binary build I have the same 


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