[opencms-dev] set MIME Type for xmlcontent in template

Siegfried Puchbauer siegfried.puchbauer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 17:43:42 CET 2005

Hi List!

I have resources of type 'xmlcontent' and a template (which is registered
via the template-elements property). Now I want to set the mime type of the
response (by response.setContentType("text/XXXX") ) to text/html or to
text/xml. It depends on a request Parameter which content-type should be
returned. Now I saw this is not possible. Nether by setting
repsonse.setContentType(), nor by setting
If the request URI ends with *.xml?param=bla, then the response type is
text/xml, in all other cases (I want a custom extension - eg. '*.page' or
sth else) the type is text/hml.

Is there another way to accomplish this, or can someone point me to a
location in the sourcecode where this behavior can be chaned.

Please help!


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