[opencms-dev] Accessing html file from sites folder

Manoj Kumar Konakalla konakalla at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 11:59:22 CET 2005

 I am trying to read the values of elements from an existing document in
sites folder. Actual file path is
 I want to read it like this
  CmsObject cmsObject = cms.getCmsObject();
String employees= "/sites/default/BlackRock/Modules/Emp_001.html";
CmsDefaultResourceCollector collector = new CmsDefaultResourceCollector();
List allEmployees= collector.getResults(cmsObject, "allInFolder",
  But it is not identifying the path. Is there any way to pass the filepath
 I tried this way also,
  String employees= "Emp_${number}.html|204";
 But it is of no use.
 Any kind of help will be appreciated.
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