[opencms-dev] proxying the admin tool

Jeff Moser jeff.moser at refinery.com
Wed Nov 9 16:25:47 CET 2005

To all,
Has anyone come up with a process for proxying the admin tool to
internal users only?  I am working with OpenCMS 6 and have a production
and development VLAN.  I would like to make it so that the admin tool is
not accessible on the production network (externally available) but is
accessible on the development network.  Currently I have Apache setup to
allow access to the proxy host on the development VLAN using the
ProxyPass          /system/ http://production_server/system/ 
ProxyPassReverse   /system/ http://production_server/system/ 
ProxyPass          /export/ http://production_server/export/ 
ProxyPassReverse   /export/ http://production_server/export/ 
ProxyPass          /resources/ http://production_server/resources/ 
ProxyPassReverse   /resources/ http://production_server/resources/ 
ProxyPass          /opencms/ http://production_server/opencms/ 
ProxyPassReverse   /opencms/ http://production_server/opencms/
This allows access to the Admin tool from the proxy host; however the
upload applet does not work.  I ran a snoop on the requests being made
through the proxy host for the upload applet and it seems that the call
to that upload jar file is being made directly to the production host,
not through the proxy.
Any input on why this is happening or perhaps a better method of
proxying the admin tool would be greatly appreciated!

network administrator
tel 267.615.2682
cell 215.990.3467 

top 30 US interactive agency
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