[opencms-dev] frozen properties again

Christof Dallermassl ce-christof.dallermassl at bearingpoint.com
Wed Nov 9 11:04:06 CET 2005


I have a content type with an xsd file. The title property is mapped to the 
title element in the xsd file. I create a new resource of that type and set 
the title value. The content is then saved (save button in editor).

When I edit the content again and change the title value, I get the following 
exception on saving:
Error writing properties of resource "/LIWEST/test".
Reason: The property "[org.opencms.file.CmsProperty: name: 'Title', value: 
'titanic2', structure value: 'titanic2', resource value: 'null', frozen: 
true]" has been frozen and cannot be changed any more.

I thought the frozen thing was a bug in 6.0.2 so I updated to the latest cvs 
version (2005-11-09), did a "ant tomcat.all" and installed the latest jar 

No change in the behavior! Still the frozen error! Is there a workaround or 
something? We need the value in the property, so the mapping is essential!

This is a real stopper at the moment, as we need to deliver our opencms 
project, but we can't.

please have a look at this soon!


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