[opencms-dev] Problems on Fedora

Hugo Santander Ballestin hugo.santander.ext at juntadeandalucia.es
Wed Nov 9 09:33:45 CET 2005

Hello all
I am working on opencms for a couple of months, so I haven't much
experience. I have completed several installation of opencms 5.0.1
without problems on Fedora Core 4. This happens when I am using a fresh
installation of such Fedora. The problem arrise when I got a fresh
installation of Fedora Core 3 and update to Fedora Core 4. Tomcat works
without any problem, but when I try to access ocsetup I get a "violation
segment". I use Tomcat 4.1.31 and tried jdk1.4.2_09 and jdk1.4.2_10.
Any help will be apretiated.

Thanks in advance

Hugo Santander Ballestín
C. de Economía y Hacienda, Junta de Andalucía
C/Juan Antonio de Vizarrón, Ed. Torretriana 41007 Sevilla
Tlfno.: 955064687 ó 955064686
e-mail: hugo.santander.ext at juntadeandalucia.es

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