[opencms-dev] Include my own property dialog

Daniel Wiesner daniel.wiesner at av-studio.de
Wed Nov 9 08:56:08 CET 2005

In opencms-workplace.xml I found this section

            <dialoghandler class="org.opencms.workplace.commons.CmsDelete"/>
            <dialoghandler class="org.opencms.workplace.commons.CmsLock"/>

change the class atribute of the third dialoghandler to your own class 
(wich have to implement I_CmsDialogHandler). The method getDialogUri() 
then returns the uri to your dialog jsp.

regards Daniel

Ronald Hötschl wrote:

> Hi all,
> my intention is to build and include my own property dialog.
> If I set the property "template" of my site folder to 
> "/system/modules/org.opencms.frontend.templateone/templates/main"
> it will show me "/system/...frontend.templateone/dialogs/property.jsp" 
> if I right-click
> on the site and choose "Properties".
> If there is no template property set, it shows me 
> "/system/editors/dialogs/property.jsp".
> Now, I'd like to build my own dialog.
> There is a class called 
> "org.opencms.frontend.templateone.CmsPropertyTemplateOne.java"
> that handles the property input data.
> My question now is where I have to integrate my custom class to get 
> the workspace
> recognize my custom property dialog.
> Thanks in advance
> Ronald
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