[opencms-dev] Change navigation, not changing navigation

Edward Zarecor edward_zarecor at harvard.edu
Wed Nov 9 04:22:19 CET 2005

I'm basically having the exact problem described in this post from some 
time back -- May 2004:


I'm using the latest binary 6.0.2 on Weblogic 8.1. 

I didn't see any reference to a solution.  Is anyone aware of one other 
than the dreaded "prefix" workaround, which seems to work by the way.

filex simple will not jump to the end.  Name it zzzfilex and there it goes.

Is it possible copying a file duplicates it's nav position too and thus 
the files are order alphabetically within a single nav position?  Not 
sure why I wouldn't be able to change the position, however, and don't 
know the data model well enough yet to validate or invalidate this.



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