[opencms-dev] Re: importexport question

Thomas März thomas.maerz at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 21:09:07 CET 2005

Edward Zarecor <edward_zarecor at harvard.edu> writes:

> However, since the link has changed in the system resources to not
> include the context name and export folder the style sheet isn't
> resolved.  Although the resource exists under the Apache webroot, it
> is not seen because of the port difference.  I'm connecting to
> Weblogic on 7001 and Apache is listening on 80.
> Any way to work around this?  Other than, say, rsync?  

Set the property "export" to "false" for "/system/workplace/".
Or let Weblogic serve the content via a webapp "system",
then symlink the exported files?


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