[opencms-dev] Problems with JSP template on JSP pages

Vitor Varalonga varalonga at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 17:50:05 CET 2005


I'm having some problems including a JSP template, so I was wondering if some
kind expert could lean a helping hand to this OpenCMS beginner. :)
I've created a JSP template like this:

<%@ page session="false" %>
<%@ taglib prefix="cms" uri="http://www.opencms.org/taglib/cms" %>
<cms:template element="head">
<cms:template element="body">
	<cms:include element="body" editable="true"/>
<cms:template element="foot">

I was having problems in rendering a xmlpage type page, but then I
discovered the
problem: the related <element> tag on the ControlCode had some other name other
than "body". By fixing this the page displayed correctly and featured
the direct edit
The problem is that I'm trying to use this template on JSP pages, but
even though
they display correctly, the direct edit functionality is not
available. Do I have to
somehow "mark" the content of the "body" element?
Here is an example of a erroneous JSP:

<%@ page session="false" %>
<%@ taglib prefix="cms" uri="http://www.opencms.org/taglib/cms" %>

<cms:include property="template" element="head"/>

Dummy test!!!

<cms:include property="template" element="foot"/>

thanks in advance,

Vitor Varalonga
on the ControlCode

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