[opencms-dev] Module Action class updateModule method

Joachim Arrasz info at arrasz.de
Tue Nov 8 09:35:20 CET 2005


> the module handler class ships within your module, most often in a jar. 
> Before an import it is not known to the JVM running.


> It will be highly depnendant on the caching of the application server's 
> current Classloader wether dynamic class loading 
> (class.forName("name"))") will be successful or not. Only by 
> implementing a non - caching CL for module initialization after import 
> this could be possible - expensive though.

Well, most of todays popular servers like JBoss, Tomcat, We4bSphere ... 
are able to check their lib folders at app's runtime. They updates the 
cl's cache after you changed lib folders content. So it is not so 
expensive. But you're right, not ALL servers can do this.

And it is one more point of failure for users of opencms when they have 
to configure this manually.

Regards Achim

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