[opencms-dev] Module Action class updateModule method

Christof Dallermassl ce-christof.dallermassl at bearingpoint.com
Tue Nov 8 08:34:01 CET 2005


> The initialize method in the module action class I built by subclassing
> A_CmsModuleAction is called all right when OpenCms is started, but its
> moduleUpdate method is not called when I expected.

Same with me :-)

> Can someone please explain when it is called, i.e. what does "when the
> module is modified" means exactly? When one of the module files is modified
> and published, as I expected? When the whole module is changed?

It is called, when the module is changed, not one of the cms resources. If you 
want to be notified on changed resources, use an event handler 

My problem with the action class is that the its initialize(..) method is NOT 
called, when the module is imported into opencms, but only on a previously 
imported module on server startup. This is kind of strange to me!


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