[opencms-dev] New module administration

Claus Priisholm cpr at codedroids.com
Mon Nov 7 14:55:48 CET 2005

Take a look at the Flex Cache admin tool under /system/workplace/admin. 
This is basically a legacy module under the new module structure. I've 
used it as the basis for a v.6 module I am working on at the moment.

There is some structure available to facilitate common functions in 
modules (just like A_CmsBackOffice and the like provided, but probably 
improved a lot). I think the source code is currently the only 
documentation, but I haven't tried to dig into it - all I needed in 
terms of integration was to get an icon to show up as an admin tool 
(eventually I need the core functionality of the module to be available 
both in version 5 and 6 and thusly try to minimize the dependencies on 
either of them).

Patricia Ferré Zudaire wrote:
> Hello,
> In OpenCms 6 alpha 2, I could create module with view administration doing
> the follow step:
> 1.- Create a module with a folder called administration
> 2.- Create a folder into administration assigning title and icon
> 3.- Create index, index.html, EditBackOffice.jsp and BackOffice.html
> 4.- Program 2 classes:
> - XXXBackOffice.java extending A_CmsBackoffice
> - XXXContentDefinition.java extending A_CmsContentDefinition
> Now, A_CmsContentDefinition and A_CmsBackOffice don't exist. Which are the
> steps now to create a module with administration view? (I prefere in the
> Administration view, and not in the "Legacy Administration").
> Can anybody help me, please?
> Thanks a lot and best regards,
> Patricia
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