[opencms-dev] Help: urgent problem

Stephan Hartmann hartmann at metamesh.de
Mon Nov 7 13:57:31 CET 2005

Hi Jim,

search engines normally follow HTTP redirects. The problem is that your
developer configured the redirect in a very bad way that search robots
might not understand.
It is not redirected by a HTTP header field with appropriate status code
but by an index page with even worse html.
There are some tutorials and a documentation module out there to get rid
of the /opencms/opencms prefix, but they all presume that you have apache
in front of tomcat, which is not the case with your setup.
A quick fix for you would be to install the filter from
http://tuckey.org/urlrewrite/ and configure a redirect from / to
/opencms/opencms/ which should be fine for search robots.


> <html>
> <P>When my IT person created our site <A
> href="http://www.dataforceone.com">www.dataforceone.com</A> he did
> something that forces the site to go to </P>
> <P>www3.dataforceone.com/opencms/opencms/  this is causing me pain
> with the search engines. can someone please tell us how to configure
> properly to just have the base url and not the opencms/opencms</P>
> <P>Please take a look at what I mean by clicking here   <A
> href="http://www.dataforceone.com">www.dataforceone.com</A>  I am the
> web person and could figure out how to fix. </P>
> <P>Thank you, JR</P>
> <P><BR>
> Best Regards, <BR>
> Jim Romano <BR>
> <BR>
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