[opencms-dev] Force 'Open / Save to folder' dialog on hyperlink

Martin Rosenauer Jacobsen mrj at sos.dk
Mon Nov 7 11:13:36 CET 2005

Hi there!

First of all - congrats to Alkacon and whomever else involved for
creating a great open source CMS!

Secondly - my question - is there currently any build in way to force
the client browser to prompt with a 'Open / Save to folder' dialog when
clicking a file from the download gallery. Mainly my interest is PDF
files, which I would like the users to be able to save to a folder
instead of opening (I know they can 'Save target as' from the context
menu, but doubt many of them knows that). 

I know it's possible using the Content-Type + Content-Disposition HTML
headers, but is it currently possible in OpenCMS without overriding some
handler(s) ?!

Thanks in advance,


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