[opencms-dev] Installing OIpenCMS on SUSE Linux Do I need to install JDBC Drive r for MySQL

Michael, Nick N Nick.Michael at standardbank.co.za
Mon Nov 7 08:27:42 CET 2005

Hi there
I have installed Tomcat and Mysql under SUSE Linux and  both are working ( I
tested them separately)
I used mysqladmin and was successfully able to create and delete an opencms
So I do not have a MySQL problem
However I get JDBC errors when I type in the root id and password for the
wizard to install it
I did not have problems doing this under windows where I also did not
remember installing the JDBC driver
for My SQL
Do I need to install the JDBC driver for OpenCms to work on SUSE
Linux ?
Or do I have to put a Java Driver and make the Tomcat container to point to
it ?
please advise how and what to do to solve this problem


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