[opencms-dev] Having another view to have explorer like functionality

Achim Westermann Achim.Westermann at gmx.de
Sat Nov 5 13:57:35 CET 2005

Hi Tarun,

sorry, but this sounds like reinvention of the wheel. Personally I 
prefer navigating files in hierarchical structure with an explorer view. 
  The only alternative I can imagine now is the single window navigation 
under windows. But why would users have access unless they are admins or 
content managers? After all this will be quite some work that will be 
subject to refactoring every time OpenCms API changes (which I think 
will be avoided throughout OpenCms 6.x whenever possible though).

kind regards,


Tarun Dixit wrote:
> Hi all
>        Although I am new to opencms.During last four weeks or so I have 
> designed some pages,templates and used them to get the basic working 
> knowldge of the package.Now I am feeling some what confident about site 
> development using opnecms.But i have one more requirement. I need to 
> have icon based view(like administrative view) for accessing the VFS and 
> having all the functionality of Explorer view in that another view.This 
> new view must have
> easy to use icon based interface instead of Windows explorer(in Explorer 
> View) like view to access the pages and folders with in opencms.
> Can any one help me to decide the approach to go about this task.I have 
> checked out the source code of open cms if it can help.
> i guess i have to write new open cmsmodule  to implement this functionality.
> Can anybody help?
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