[opencms-dev] Re: change resource type for "Create new index file in new folder"

Thomas März thomas.maerz at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 11:54:03 CET 2005

"G.R." <georg.nc at gmail.com> writes:

> when creating a new folder the user is prompt, to also create a new
> index ("Create new index file in new folder"). It then creates a page
> based on resource type "Page". Instead I want to use one specific
> structured content.
> Does anybody know how to realize / configure that.
> Thank's in advance for your help.

You can create your own folder type:

,----[ opencms-modules.xml ]
| <type class="org.opencms.file.types.CmsResourceTypeFolderExtended" name="MyFolder" id="501">
| 	<properties>
| 		<property>
| 			<name>MyProperty</name>
| 			<value><![CDATA[Folder]]></value>
| 		</property>
| 	</properties>
| 	<copy-resources>
| 		<copy-resource source="/system/modules/my.module/copy/index.html" target="${resource.folder.path}" type="new"/>
| 		<copy-resource source="/system/modules/my.module/copy/index.xml" target="${resource.folder.path}" type="new"/>
| 	</copy-resources>
| </type>

When you create a new folder of this type two resources are copied to
this folder. Don't forget to add an explorertype node in the xml file.


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