[opencms-dev] How to include a jsp in a html page[Scanned]

Jon Mayes jon.mayes at pegasus-homes.co.uk
Thu Nov 3 18:39:41 CET 2005

You can't include jsp in html using the taglib in this way - unless I presume if you set up the jsp parser to take care of html files as well... I'm not sure exactly how one would set this up though - for PHP on Apache you need to add an application handler, perhaps you could do the same for html/jsp?


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Hello, I´d like to know how can I include a jsp from an html page.

The idea, is that I´d like to have the possiblitiy of make an "exec" of a 
jsp, when the html page is called.

I´ve used the <cms:include ..> directive, with "parameters" page, and file. 
I´ve used, the cms.include() call too, but I´m not able of seeing the jsp 
from my html page.

<cms:include page= PATH to my jsp/name.jsp />
<cms:inclue file= PATH to my jsp/name.jsp />
cms.include ("PATH to my jsp/name.jsp ");

Which parameters of the cms.include can I use, and how to use it?

Please, could you giving me an advice of how to include this kind of file?

Thanks in advance,

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