[opencms-dev] Problems with exporting (mod_proxy documentation)

Peter Huesser peter.huesser at psi.ch
Thu Nov 3 09:30:09 CET 2005


Some days ago I posted a mail concerning the possibility to integrate 
php code into opencms. This should be possible if one installs opencms 
as described in the docu 
I did it exactly in this way. The only exception is step 2. There you 
can read that one should "remove any occurrence of the ${SERVLET_NAME} 
variable". They also have an example how the section where one has to 
make the replacing should look like:


This is a contradiction to what they suggested one should do. Anyhow
if you use this settings (with ${CONTEXT_NAME}) I am not able to login anymore.
So I removed everything. My file now looks like:


I can login now but no publishing is really done. I set the "export" property of a php
file on "true" and published it but I do not see any files (exept "system" folder) under
the export folder.

I do not know exactly if I am doing something wrong with "publishing a file/folder"
(sorry, I am a newbie) or if there is still an error in the configuration file. Does
somebody has a working solution ?

Thank's in advance for any help


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