[opencms-dev] OpenCMS questions on external Java development

Arif leong at dlife.com
Wed Nov 2 23:35:30 CET 2005

Hi Folks:


I'm new to OpenCMS. I subscribed to the OpenCMS' community and scanned for
answers to my questions but had not much luck. I searched the WWW for
answers and found very few useful results.


I'll greatly appreciate if anyone can provide some clues.. Basically we're
trying to build Java apps outside of OpenCMS and still wish to be able to
use its API's and VFS. Also we would like to develop these Java apps using
JBoss Eclipse IDE so we may debug the codes locally before deploying them
into OpenCMS server.


1)       I read on the OpenCMS version 6 release notes that it runs on JBoss
4+. I tried to no avail. Does anyone have any example how to accomplish

2)       I also would like development Java apps for OpenCMS within an
Eclipse JBoss IDE. Is that even possible?

3)       Does OpenCMS allow RMI interface to access its API's?

4)       Does OpenCMS allow HTTP tunneling to access its API's and template

5)       Does OpenCMS have the API's to spit out XML data (ie hierarchy of
its folders or contents) into a flat file or via HTTP?


Thank you very much.



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