[opencms-dev] WYSIWYG - Editing HTML content- Please HELP!

Sebastian Lavena slavena at mkti.com.ar
Wed Nov 2 21:01:35 CET 2005

Nobody knows?

Please, at least someone can tell me where can I find an answer... I'm 
stagnant :S.


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Subject: [opencms-dev] WYSIWYG - Editing HTML content- Please HELP!

> Hi list,
> I want to use for a content the html editor which comes with OpenCms but 
> not HtmlWidget. I need to edit the style of content too... I mean color, 
> size, font, etc... of the html, and I see that if for example I create a 
> page with "empty template", and I edit it...  a powerful html editor opens 
> (much more powerful than HtmlWidget).
> So, how can I associate the content of a xml to this editor, in order to 
> create a template to use it?
> Thanks a lot,
> Sebastian
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