[opencms-dev] integrate FCKedito to Opencms with style

marc fiévet marc at fievet.be
Thu Oct 27 21:02:58 CEST 2005

Hello Sebastian,

Thanks four the answer!
By default, in the editor, I have a drop list with "Image on left /
Image/ on right,custom bold, etc...  Ok, 

I create the new property (style.definitions) and I put your css example

(rename cssmarc.css) in the the
I assigned the path of my style in the main template of the templateone
After this modification, when I create a new page, the editor doesn't
load. I have just the header.

What's wrong?

Thank you



Hi Marc,

It's in the doc:

"After enabling this feature, an XML-file describing the available
styles can be assigned to a template by setting the property
|style.definitions| to the path of the XML-file."

"template" in this case, means a OpenCms JSP-Template.  You can put the
file where ever you want :) But beware of the file ending:

"Beware of file endings other than |.xml|. They might cause the editor
not to load."

I hope this helps.

Best regards

Fievet Marc wrote:

> Hello Sebastian,
>     I read your help file to integrate FCKedito to Opencms. It's
>     working fine.
>     About the integration of a css: In your doc, you mentionned : add
>     in  the |system/workplace/editors/configuration/ add style=true,
>     but where do you put the xml file with the style in opencms and
>     how to reference it on the editor?|||
>     ||
>     Have you a example how to do it?
>     ||
>     |Thanks,|
>     ||
>     |Regards,|
>     |MARC|
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