[opencms-dev] Publish rigths

Raistlin Majere Raistlin-Majere at web.de
Wed Oct 26 19:24:31 CEST 2005


I've the following situation:
My company consists of different departments. Each department shall get 
its own folder in Open CMS. Additionally there shall be an editor group 
and a publisher group for every department. Editors shall be able to 
create new content or to change old sites, while publishers shall be 
able to see new or changed content and publish it. This shall be only 
possible for the own department.

What I've done:
I created editor groups for all departments, which belong to the built 
in "users" group. Because the publishers shall be able to access 
"Administration->Project Management->View project files" (they must see 
the changes), I created groups for every department, which belong to the 
built in group "Projectmanagers". Perhaps there is another way?
I created projects for every department, where the corresponding groups 
are selected for "Manager Group" and "User group". At last I denied 
write access and the rights to publish or change rights to all groups 
except the groups, which shall work with this folder.

The problem:
The publisher groups, which are derived from "Projectmangers", aren't 
able to create or edit content in folders, where they don't have access 
rights. BUT ... They are still able to publish content, that was created 
by other users, even if the publishing right is denied.
Is this a bug or a my mistake?

I would be happy, if somebody could help me.


PS: I'm using Open CMS 6.0.0

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