[opencms-dev] Change property value of vfs file

Matthias Neher Matthias.Neher at doubleSlash.de
Wed Oct 26 12:33:33 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I defined a new property. I don't like to change the property manually using
the context menu. I like to change this property using a jsp script. It is
no problem to read the property like this:

String value = cmso.readPropertyObject(currFile, "xxx", false).getValue();
// cmso is a CmsObject

Now I like to change the value of this property. How can I achieve this? I
tried to do this as follows:

//get the property
CmsProperty prop = cmso.readPropertyObject(currFile, "xxx", false);
//change the value of the property
prop.setValue("true", type); //what type should I use???
//write the property
cmso. writePropertyObject(currFile, prop);

Many thanks in advance

Best regards

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