[opencms-dev] Installing OpenCMS on Sun Java Application

McDonald, Stuart Stuart.McDonald at sensis.com.au
Wed Oct 26 01:26:21 CEST 2005


We haven't migrated to production as yet so I can't give you a definite
answer. I imagine that we will have a less generous security permission
in our server.policy.

Good luck with your development.


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Thanks. I think it is working. First I put the
"permission java.security.AllPermission" into the
policy for the opencms code base only. It didn't work.
Then I put the same permission for all code base. It
didn't work as well.

Then I put the <class-loader delegate="false"/> on the
already deployed (but not setup yet) opencms. The
setup start to run correctly. Right now it is still
running. So fart it is going well.

However, in the pervious attempt to fix the setup
problem, I put the apache digest jar into the jvm path
as suggested by Martin. I am not sure if this affects
the result. I am going to try to use only the class
loader setting on the machine at work in the morning.

I have one more question for you. The first reply you
mentioned you use the all permission policy for
development. What kind of permission do you use for
production site?

Thank you very much. Finally this wonderful thing is
running on my Sun server!!!


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