[opencms-dev] New BackOffice :)

BRAGA Bruno Gonçalves bruno.braga at globalvalue.com.br
Tue Oct 25 18:41:29 CEST 2005

Hi People,


Here in the company, in a project for a client, we develop an interesting
feature for aggregate the OpenCMS.

To Explorer View was extremely complex for our final user, that does not
understand very of technology.

He should enter in the certain folder, create a content-page and edit for
insert content.  But the user will want to insert a news. Do not it want to
create page, neither find in the explorer for know certain folder.

For resolve that, we create another project (another context, another
technology), that is an exclusive view for the user, with all the facilities
that he is necessary. It is a new one backoffice, that is going to insert
content in the OpenCMS.

Beyond that he has many others features, as integration with the OS Workflow
(http://www.opensymphony.com/osworkflow), that permits a complete management
of permission and approval of content for publication.  


New BackOffice Tecnology:

Struts + Hibernate + Spring + OSWorkflow + DisplayTag + Other custom


Screenshot of example attached (for more screens, mail-me).


Obs: That everything is in Portuguese, do not we use the I8N for the English
or other languages still.  That can be available inside the need of the


This is a commercial product. If someone will want some information, or will
have interest, an email sends me: bruno.braga at globalvalue.com.br.


Thank you.



Bruno Braga


Global Value Soluções S.A

*: bruno.braga at globalvalue.com.br <mailto:bruno.braga at globalvalue.com.br> 

*: +55 (031) 2123-4553

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