[opencms-dev] PHP integration

Bernd Wolfsegger bw at code-create.com
Mon Oct 24 17:18:19 CEST 2005

As I know, you can even include dynamically every kind of stuff in a normal 
JSP, if the Apache or whatever shall handle that included stuff is properly 
configured to handle such stuff. Because this include is not an include of 
sourcecode but of the output of that resource at runtime.
Don't know exactly if this is possible with OpenCms because of the JSP 
handling servlet and you have to use the OpenCms API for includes...

Kind regards, Bernd

On Monday, 24. October 2005 17:56, Peter Huesser wrote:
> >>Hello
> >>We are evaluating some CMS systems and opencms is one of the possible
> >>candidates but I did not find out if (and if yes how) it is possible to
> >>integrate php code. We have a lot of php scripts on our actual webserver
> >>(apache only) so for us this feature is a must.
> >
> > Very difficult because opencms is written in Java and has no access to
> > a PHP interpreter. You could try using SiteMesh.
> Two weeks ago I saw a presentation from Stellent which uses the same
> technology. They could easely integrate php code into their CMS. The
> code was simply stored in the database and when a request was made the
> apache server handled the interpretation of the php stuff. I thought
> that this should be (in principle) possible for every CMS using apache.
> >>I found it special too that there is only a "dev" maillinglist. No one
> >>for users or administrators. Is the aim of opencms to buy the support.
> >
> > No, not really. the dev mailing list is open for all :)
> Fine.
> Pedro

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