[opencms-dev] PHP integration

Peter Huesser peter.huesser at psi.ch
Mon Oct 24 16:56:21 CEST 2005

>>We are evaluating some CMS systems and opencms is one of the possible 
>>candidates but I did not find out if (and if yes how) it is possible to 
>>integrate php code. We have a lot of php scripts on our actual webserver 
>>(apache only) so for us this feature is a must.
> Very difficult because opencms is written in Java and has no access to 
> a PHP interpreter. You could try using SiteMesh.

Two weeks ago I saw a presentation from Stellent which uses the same 
technology. They could easely integrate php code into their CMS. The 
code was simply stored in the database and when a request was made the 
apache server handled the interpretation of the php stuff. I thought 
that this should be (in principle) possible for every CMS using apache.

>>I found it special too that there is only a "dev" maillinglist. No one 
>>for users or administrators. Is the aim of opencms to buy the support.
> No, not really. the dev mailing list is open for all :)

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