[opencms-dev] Problem with contentload

Matthias Neher Matthias.Neher at doubleSlash.de
Mon Oct 24 12:28:43 CEST 2005

Hi list,

I'm still working at my news-archive.
To remember: I have news items which are xml content files. These files are
stored in a folder called news. The index.html shows a list of all news
items stored in its folder. Old news items should not be shown in this list.
They should appear in another list (archive or something like that).
My first approach was to create a subfolder (archive) and to move old news
items into this folder by a script. It works but I have problems with the
filenames. If a news item (let me say newsitem_0003.html) is moved to the
archive folder and you create a new news item, it has the same filename
(newsitem_0003.html). Sometime this new created news item will be old too
and should be moved to the archive folder. In this folder there is already a
file "newsitem_0003.html". So this could not work.
My second approach is to have no special archive folder. All news (actual
ones and old ones) are in the same folder. I like to create two list views -
one which shows only actual news items one which shows old news items. I
like to differ whether a news item is old or not by using a property. Now it
is impossible to read a property of a file during the contentload tag. I
tried the following:

<cms:contentload collector="allInFolderDateReleasedDesc"
param="${opencms.folder}newsitem_${number}.html|500" editable="true">
 <cms:property name="is_in_archive" file="uri" /><br />

I do only get the property value of the file which creates the list, not of
the actual news item file.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot in advance

Best regards

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