[opencms-dev] Missing Buttons in Gallery Overview

peter smilepeter at gmx.de
Mon Oct 24 07:39:24 CEST 2005

searched the whole list, nothing helps me.

Strange Problem here. I want to make one Image Gallery for example simple....
 but the button for this action is missing (aliens still under us ?)

i try to describe the situation with more details 
so I am in the administration view 
go into Gallery Overview folder 
and then into Image Galleries folder 
for example
but there are only the existing default gallaries shown 
and no button for create new gallerie like it should be
pictures from this button shown in the book "building websites with opencms" 

so anyone can clear this a bit ?
i run opencms 6 on win xp, mysql 4.1, tomcat .5.5.12

help would be great 
greetings peter 
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