[opencms-dev] Is it possible to publish control in resource type and get resource type's own property method in 6.2.0?

Shi Yusen shiys at langhua.cn
Fri Oct 21 18:31:36 CEST 2005

Hi Alexander,

During the osworkflow integration, we find A_CmsResourceType should have a
method to check if a resource can be published. If a resource is in a
publish approval procedure, no matter whether it's new, it should not be

Another method is on the property jsp's url. Is it possible to get it from
the resource type's setting? Currently the xmlpage's url is hardcoded in the
CmsPropertyAdvanced. All other types use the same jsp.

Is it possible to make these changes in 6.2.0?

Have a nice weekend,

Shi Yusen/Beijing Langhua Ltd.

PS: I'll keep my promise to offer a osworkflow module on 6.0.2 at the end of
this month.

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