[opencms-dev] Several Languages - Howto

Bernd Wolfsegger bw at code-create.com
Fri Oct 21 12:08:30 CEST 2005

On Friday, 21. October 2005 12:40, Thomas Maerz wrote:
> Bernd Wolfsegger <bw at code-create.com> writes:
> > for what purpose do you exactly need multiple language specific folders
> > anyway?
> >
> > Since the language dependend content can be accessed in one ressource,
> > because it incorporates all languages. So why split it again and having a
> > lot of problems?
> Different Titles.
You can have this as a xmlcontent field.

> Different Navigation.
O.k. that may be a point, but you can have properties for that and decide 
based on that properties and the given locale what to show while generating 

> Different Properties.
O.k. thats not possible right know.
Well, you could have a set of properties for each language.
Perhaps thats lesser work than to manage thousands of siblings.
Would be nice to have properties also language dependend.

> Different Expiration Dates.

> Different ACLs.

But it depends on the kind of site, if these thing are really neccessary.

So let's say the language feature in OpenCms is not fully implemented yet.
Would be nice if all these things would be language dependend "native".

A lot of things to do still :)

Kind regards, bernd

> I only know it *will* be different.
> It's merely a matter of time.
> Of course you could say why use siblings anyway?
> Because we mostly have one editor for all languages.
> And we start new languages from completed content in language A.
> Of course it's annoying to copy new files as siblings to all folders,
> but it should be easy to implement a copy function without any special
> cases like resource is already there, merge contents, ...
> Regards,
> Thomas


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